Coast Defense Study Group (CDSG) 2009 Conference

The Coast Defense Study Group (CDSG) is a non-profit organization formed to promote the study of coast defenses and fortifications mostly in the U.S. They publish two periodicals, the Coast Defense Journal and the CDSG Newsletter and among the membership are several distinguished and prolific authors on the subject.

Fort McHenry Rodman Battery

Fort McHenry Rodman Gun Battery

Each year the members gather for their annual meeting at a significant coastal fortification location that provides an opportunity to explore and learn. This year the meeting is in Baltimore, Maryland, 1 April 2009 thru 5 April 2009. This location will provide the members with a view of the Harbor Defenses of Baltimore and the Harbor Defenses of the Potomac. The fortifications to be visited include Fort Armistead, Fort Smallwood, Fort McHenry, Fort Carroll, Fort Howard, Fort Washington, Fort Hunt and Fort Foote. Members will also tour the Aberdeen Army Proving Grounds, Washington Navy Yard and Dahlgren Naval Proving Grounds.

This is a great organization with an unbelievable publications program, well worth your time if you have an interest in the coastal forts of the United States. The message board is great to follow.

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