Battery 245 at Fort Stevens

Visited 18 Jan 2009 – Battery 245 at Fort Stevens is a World War II reinforced concrete gun battery located very close to Point Adams on Fort Stevens, Washington. The battery once housed two 6″ T2 coastal guns mounted in M4 Barbette enclosures and was a part of the Harbor Defenses of the Columbia.

5 Inch Naval Gun in emplacement #2, Battery 245 at Fort Stevens

5 Inch Naval Gun in emplacement #2, Battery 245 at Fort Stevens

The current armament at the battery consists of 2, 5 Inch naval guns mounted in fully enclosed barbette mounts. These guns and mounts were replacements for the original 6 Inch guns which were removed after World War II.

The reinforced concrete support structure sits between the two gun emplacement and once housed the shells and powder needed to support the guns as well as a plotting room and a radio room. There are entrances by each gun emplacement as well as a main entrance at the back of the battery. The battery rooms are well maintained, lit and marked.

Battery 245 Interior Corridor

Battery 245 Interior Corridor

This is a well preserved example of the World War II, 200 series coastal battery and very accessible. If you want to see the same type of guns that were actually installed here during World War II you need only cross the Columbia and visit Battery 246 at Fort Columbia.

There were three batteries of this type that guarded the entrance to the Columbia River during World War II, Battery 245 at Fort Stevens, Battery 246 at Fort Columbia and Battery 247 at Fort Canby.

Battery 245 and Battery 246 are well worth visiting but Battery 247 is not kept in good repair and does not have any mounted guns or carriages.

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