Update on Battery Russell 10″ Gun Model

Jack Buckmeir sent me some new pictures of his 1/6th scale operating model of the 10″ disappearing carriage guns that were at Fort Stevens Battery Russell. Jack writes:

“As you can see, the carriage is now mounted on a steel swivel stand, has the upper racer aprons and electric controls, and has the catwalks & rails installed. The gun now raises & lowers at the touch of a switch. Soon it will traverse and elevate automatically as well.

Jack Buckmeir's 10" Gun and Disappearing Carriage Model at Camp Rlea

Jack Buckmeir's 10" Gun and Disappearing Carriage Model at Camp Rlea

By watching videos of DC carriages in operation, I was able to match the speed of the model to the firing of an actual gun. I find that observing the model as it works gives you a great admiration and respect for the tremendous engineering talent of the men that designed and built the disappearing carriages.

When triggered, the barrel begins to raise slowly, then the gun levers rapidly accelerate the barrel to the in-battery position. Once fired, that accelerating facet of the design in reverse forces a quick starting lift of the counterweight and then gradually slows the inertia of the barrel backwards down to the rest position in recoil. An absolutely perfect pattern for the recoil of a large weapon…

10" Gun 1/6th Scale Model with Action Figure

10" Gun 1/6th Scale Model with Action Figure

I believe the museum staff has a place picked out for the display so hopefully we can have it installed soon. The completed display will need at least a 6X8 ft. footprint but an 8X8 footprint would be much better.”

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  1. GeorgeGaskill July 12, 2010 11:08 pm

    I am investigating making a similar model for the Fort MacArthur Museum but have not found any detailed plans. Where did your plans come from?


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