This Blog is a companion site to, a repository from where we gather information for our forting trips as well as necessary research. This Blog will recount the various stories of the trips we make. Hopefully it won’t be just Amy and I chronicling our trips; ideally we’d like other folks who also enjoy forting to join us as contributers and editors. Contact us if you are so inclined.

We will start with our most recent trips to Fort Vancouver, Fort Casey, Fort Flagler, Fort Worden, Fort Townsend, Fort Stevens, Fort Columbia and Fort Canby. As you can see our current focus is the Coastal Fort System that once protected the Northwest’s important harbors. We have also expanded to include individual pages for coastal gun batteries at these important coastal forts. Take a look at Battery 245 for an example of a World War II gun battery, or Battery Russell for an example of an Endicott Period battery.


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